konnect Issue-date: 30th September 2020

The International Society of Automation – ISA-Bangalore section

Honorary Tech talk on Installation Technique / Hazardous area / Ingress protection/Temperature class

College: MS Ramiah Institute of technology,Bangalore
Department: E & I
Date: 12 th sep 2020
Duration: 1: 30 minutes
Speaker: V Muthukumar – Senior Member ISA
Organization : Siemens Ltd -Process Instrumentation

Installation technique adopted in various process instruments:

Detailed practices of installation techniques followed for Pressure and Differential pressure transmitters and understanding a hook up diagram.
How to use Pressure and Differential pressure transmitters for Level and flow measurement .
Components / accessories involved like Manifold, condensing pot, isolation valves in installation of Pt and DPT’s.
Concept of Zero elevation and Zero suppression while using DPT’s in Level application and how to calibrate them.
General standards followed for installing flow meters.
Different type of Non contact type level instruments and how their installation done .
Hazardous area classification
Classification of hazardous Zones
Intrinsic safe and Explosion protection
Decoding and understanding the Nomenclature for a ATEX certified instrument.
Ingress protection classification
Understanding the IP class rating for ingress of water rand Dust.
Temperature class
Understanding the temp class from T1 to T6 in a instrument.