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Topic: "Increasing Immunity With Nature Cure"
Speaker: Dr. Gauri Rokkam aka Nagashree
Organization: Private practicing-Holistic Nutritionist, Public Speaker, Visiting Lecturer, Yoga and Nature Cure Therapist
Date : 25-July-2020, Saturday
Talk : 16:00-17:30 hrs
Venue: Online- please register to receive meeting link

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Dr Gauri Rokkam,
Ph.D.(Yoga and Life Sciences) M.Sc.Food and Nutrition

Abstract of the Talk

If you look at world statistics, it is clear that Covid-19 has affected severely or has become fatal in people with underlying chronic health issues. Good news is all these chronic diseases can be prevented or reversed just by eating right foods and living right and avoiding all the wrong ones. It is important to stimulate/augment our immune system. Lets learn all about it in the upcoming talk "Immunity and Health" by Dr.Gauri Rokkam.

Broad Contents:

  1. What's the true meaning of immunity?
  2. Should we increase immunity?
  3. Should we be scared of viruses/Covid-19?
  4. What are the causes of concern?
  5. How can we keep our body healthy to prevent such crisis?

    Question and Answer session: 20-30 minutes

Dr.Gauri Rokkam,
Ph.D.(Yoga and Life Sciences) M.Sc.Food and Nutrition

A well known Holistic Nutritionist who believes that true health needs education, awareness and a will to change wrong habits, and not just diets and treatments. She blends principles of sound nutrition, yoga and natural hygiene(popularly known as Nature Cure) to ensure clients fulfil thier health and fitness goals to achieve vibrant health.
Her aim is to help clients understand the fact that the ability to heal has to come from within. She has been practising in this field for 25 years and has helped thousands of clients to transcend into plant based diets and achieve vibrant health.

  • Doctorate in Yoga & Life Sciences from SVYASA Yoga University
  • Master's degree in Food & Nutrition, Bangalore University Topper
  • Member and a Certified Nature Cure therapist of International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene, USA,trained under Dr.Arun Sharma
  • Certified Diabetes Educator-St. John's Hospital,Bangalore
  • Certified Yoga Instructor & Therapist-SVYASA University,Bangalore
  • Certified Lactation consultant, trained under Dr.Shaibya Saldanha MD(OBG), Manipal Hospital,Bangalore
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist-Mount Carmel College,Bangalore
  • Trained in Yogic management of back pain under Dr.Omkar,Yoga exponent & Senior Research Scientist, IIsc,Bangalore
  • Diploma in "Nutrition and health promotion and disease prevention",University of California,San Francisco,USA
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education", IGNO
  • Regularly conducts lectures and workshops at different places in the country and outside.

To know more about the speaker and to understand her work, check the below links: