konnect Issue-date: 30th September 2020.

The International Society of Automation – ISA-Bangalore section

Date: 8 Aug 2020
4 pm to 5:30 pm

"Radiometric measurement solutions for Industrial processes"

Radiometric measurements for industrial processes have been around for several decades. They are an important component in the performance of critical level, density, and flow measurements. Nuclear measurement gauges work where conventional measuring technology fails. They offer outstanding measurement results under extreme conditions. High temperatures, pressures and other difficult ambient and process conditions. Typical measurement tasks are non-contact level and density measurements in various vessels, bunkers and piping systems, interface measurements in oil separators and moisture measurement. They can also be used as non-contact limit switches. Though radiometric measurements have been in use for many years, there is little awareness as they are seldom used. Also, there are many apprehensions relating to radiation hazards. This presentation is aimed at providing better understanding of Radiometric measurements & providing better understanding of radiation safety.


After engineering degree in Electronics & communication from NIT – K ( formerly known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College) worked with Krohne Marshall Pvt Ltd for over 21 years. Since 2006, been associated with BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES – India in capacity of Director Sales dealing in Process control range of products of BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES – Germany based on radiometric based principle.

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